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Ultra-Guard Fabric Protection | Scottsdale Service Center

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Ultra-Guard Fabric Protection | Scottsdale Service Center


Gila County, AZ, USA
USA Arizona 85502
Gila County



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Ultra-Guard is the Interior Designers Choice in Fabric Protection, and furniture protection, offering the only on-site nanotech stain guard for upholstery and carpet in Scottsdale, Arizona, including Phoenix, Fountain Hills, Tempe, Mesa, Chandler and Glendale. The Ultra-Guard STAIN FREE formula contains an ultraviolet inhibitor to reduce sun fading on furniture and rugs. STAIN FREE, unlike temporary Scotchgard type applications, does not contain silicone and will not change the color or feel of fabric and is guaranteed for the life of the fabric. STAIN FREE is hypoallergenic, non-toxic and safe for children and pets.




Client Reviews

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Tiffany Thomas

Fabric Protection Services in Scottsdale, Arizona

Great communication throughout booking. Service provider was on time and so kind all while working efficiently and quickly. Very pleased and would recommend them to my friends.

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Christine Yormack

Fabric Protection in Scottsdale, AZ

The UltraGuard team is super professional and is a local company! I love work with local business owners and the service was outstanding. I will use them for all of my fabric protection needs. I have 3 small kids and love white couches, so they are on speed dial.

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Kim Ferlic

Fabric Protection in Scottsdale, Arizona

Looking forward to being at ease with the Ultra Guard protection on my furniture pieces. Staff is pleasant to deal with are very professional. I would highly recommend.

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